Rental Guide

Lion Dick Brûlé Community Centre Facility Rental Guide

Step by Step Rental Process:

  1. First, go to our rental calendar and check to see if the Hall is available on the date and time you wish to rent the Hall.
  2. If the date and time are not “Busy”, download and complete the Rental Application and Rental Contract form.  Should you need clarification or assistance to complete the form, you may contact the Lions Rental Manager at  Please note that clients using IOS or Android tablets or phones will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader app installed on their devices for them to fill out this form. Click on the Rental application link, save the document to file and then open on your device. When finished simply e-mail the document back to .
  3. Complete the Organization Information section only if you are representing a specific organization.
  4. Using the event type and acceptable activities chart, complete the rental requirements section.
  5. If alcohol is to be served at your event, indicate whether you need bar service provided by the KHLC or if you will obtain your own Special Occasion Permit. Details regarding your responsibilities should alcohol be served are found in the Special Terms and Conditions for Rental of the Dick Brûlé Community Centre.
  6. All renters require liability insurance coverage to a limit of $2,000,000 inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury, death and damage to property. If you have your own insurance coverage, e-mail a copy of your Summary Insurance Certificate (naming the City of Ottawa as also insured) with your Rental Application. Otherwise, check the appropriate box under Liability Insurance. In step 9 below, the Lions Rental Manager will determine the cost of this insurance issued through the City of Ottawa User Group Liability Program and provide you with that information.
  7. Using the definitions and group rates listed below, calculate the rental cost for your event.  Note that rental periods are calculated in no less than half hour intervals.
  8. Do not sign the contract … Submit the partially completed Application to the Lions Rental Manager at
  9. The Lions Rental Manager will review and, if necessary, seek clarification from you regarding aspects of your application. The Lions Rental Manager will confirm the rental costs associated with your event and calculate the cost of User Group Liability Insurance.
  10. The Lions Rental Manager will then e-mail the finalized Rental Application/Rental Contract for your approval complete with the rental fees, insurance fees and Damage/Cleaning deposit.
  11. When you agree with the contract details, check the appropriate box at the bottom of page 3, print your name as Applicant and date the contract.  We do not need a signature on the form.  Send the completed form back to the Lions Rental Manager along with your payment.  Instructions for using Interac e-transfer to submit the rental payment are found here.
  12. Upon receipt of payment, the Lions Rental Manager will book the specified date and time for your event. Please note that the Lions Rental Manager will not book the date and time until payment has been received.
  13. Once final payment has been received, a copy of the Summary Insurance Certificate purchased for your rental will be e-mailed to you.
  14. Should it be necessary to modify or cancel the rental contract, notify the Lions Rental Manager at your earliest convenience. Please see the Specific Terms and Conditions of Rental of the Lion Dick Brûlé Community Centre for details regarding reimbursement of rental fees following the cancellation of a rental contract. Late cancellation of rental bookings may result in partial or complete loss of rental and insurance fees.
  15. Prior to the event, the Lions Rental Manager will provide you with a KeyBox Code that will open the KeyBox on the door to the Hall and an Alarm Code to turn off the Security system. For one time users, the KeyBox code will allow you to access the key to the Hall for a specific period of time on a specific date.  Instructions on how to use the lock box and instructions for how to manage the Alarm system will be included with the codes.
  16. During the time of your rental you are expected to adhere to the conditions of rental found in Specific Terms and Conditions of Rental of the Lion Dick Brûlé Community Centre, including your responsibilities for set-up and take-down after your event.
  17. At the end of the rental period, you will ensure all doors are locked, turn on the security system prior to leaving and then return the key to the lock box. Should there be any significant damage to the Hall, the Damage/Cleaning deposit will be used to offset the cost of repairs of such damage.  The balance of the unused portion of the Damage/Cleaning deposit will be returned to the applicant by Interac e-transfer within 7 calendar days. Note that if the cost of repairs or cleaning exceed the Damage/Cleaning deposit, you will be notified and held responsible to cover the entire cost.


Rental GroupRental Rate per Hour
Not for Profit$8
Private without alcohol$40
Private with alcohol$55
Commercial Activity$55

Note: Rental Rates are effective August 1, 2019 and are GST/HST Exempt

Not for Profit activity: An activity run by a non-profit organization for the benefit of the community, e.g., Scouts, Guides, Pre-school programs.

Private Activity: A not for profit activity for a private function, e.g., birthday party, wedding reception.

Commercial Activity: Activity run by a business or group charging non-cost recovery fees, e.g., Dance classes, exercise classes, instructional classes, craft fairs.