On Tuesday, November 25 at 7 p.m. the Club will hold an evening of fellowship and important announcements on vital community projects.

We will be celebrating the work of the Ottawa Hospital Eye Institute and the Ruddy-Shenkman Hospice – and presenting each with a substantial cheque which we have accumulated from our fund-raising projects.

That’s what Lionism is all about. We work hard on tangible events and we donate the proceeds back to meet the community’s greatest needs.

Dr. Baig, a very talented surgeon/researcher at the Eye Institue and Rabbi Reuvin Bulka, radio host and ardent support of the Hospice, are expected to attend the event. they will offer a few words about their organizations and will accept the Lions’ donations.

The evening will feature wine and cheese and much friendly mingling. Lions have been asked to invite neighbours who might be interested in learning more about Lions efforts and maybe joining us.

we plan to make our donations night an annual event. help us kick off the series, and enjoy some refreshments and fellowship.



E-waste?Amplifiers • Audio and video players & recorders • Cameras • Cell phones . Computers (desktop & laptop) and peripherals • Copiers • Digital cameras • Fax machines • Monitors • Pagers and PDAs • Printers • Radios • Receivers • Scanners • Speakers • Telephones and answering machines • Tuners • Turntables • Televisions • Video projectors

Textiles? –Clothing . Sheets. Bedding. Towels . Tablecloths

Bottles?– Refundable Bottles, Soft drink, Beer, Wine

Eye Glasses? – for shipment to under developed countries.

Saturday, September 27 170 Castlefrank Road, Kanata 8 AM – 3PM

PROCEEDS TO LIONS’ CHARITIES: Ottawa Hospital Eye Institute and Hospice West   Information: 613-.836-2657,,

Award Winning Lions 2013-2014

The Lions are known for recognizing those who lead and participate in the many Kanata-Hazeldean Lions Club events and programs that we carry out for our community and especially for vision-related projects.

On June 10, Regional Chair Paul Riddell joined outgoing President Lion Peggy Feltmate in recognizing the work of members, both in 2013-14 and over several years. These included (see photos, from top down).

Lion Naomi Nakamura, the Judge Brian Stevenson Fellowship for her stalwart work as our Secretary and her innovative fund raiser and community fun event, the Scrapbooking Days.

Life Memberships to our new members over the past two year. Pictured between Lion Peggy and Lion Paul (bookends) are, left to right, Rick Mansell, Carol Spratt, Liz Christie, Henni Helleman, Hans Helleman, Richard McDonald and Cheryl McDonald

Lion Hans Helleman, Lion of the Year for his leadership and participation in many activities in 2013-14, especially his work with canteen events, hockey fun activities and the Major Projects Committee.

Lion Linda Leinan, the Helen Keller Award for consistent participation and dedication to Lions Projects, especially those with vision-related aspect, since she joined us six years ago.

The Keller and Stevenson awards come with $500 donations to International Lions programs that help people the world over.

Congratulations to all. Okay, back to work!!



New Executive looks forward to a busy, exciting year

On June 10 our new Officers were installed. This will be a year of challenges and benefits to the community. In September we will begin work on the major project(s) that our committee is about to recommend to our next regular meeting.

The Club has decided to shift into high gear in helping the Ottawa and Kanata communities with our labour and our fund-raising proceeds. We have been in touch with several worthy causes and with our neighbours to establish a great plan. September will be the starting point of the roll-out.

New President, Peter Henry, believes that the year will feature challenges but that we will get it done.


Left to right:

Naomi Nakamura, Tail Twister, Linda Leinan, 2 Year Director, Tom Feltmate, Bulletin Editor, Wilf Lamb, Membership Director, President Peter HenryDirector, Maurice Bonin, Lion Tamer, Todd Sloan, Vice-President & Publicity Director, Rob Raven, 1 Year Director, Peggy Feltmate, Past President & Secretary, Rick Mansell, Treasurer.


Lions Help Fund a Cutting Edge Technology


Lion President Peggy Feltmate poses with Phillip Godfrey,recipient of an e-Sight apparatus that has taken him from severe disability to virtually perfect vision. They are joined by Phil’s wife Colleen, Carolyn Bradley and Bill McPhee.

May was certainly “vision month” for the Kanata-Hazeldean Lions. On May 28,  Phillip Godfrey and his wife, Colleen, along with Bill McPhee, CEO and Carolyn Bradley, Client Relations Specialist of e- Sight Eyewear visited us . As a result of a $500 donation from our Club along with another $1400 donated by Clubs in our District and a $5,000 donation from a Toronto based charitable organization, Phillip was able to afford to purchase one of the vision enhancing systems produced by e-Sight eyewear here in Ottawa.

Bill McPhee described the system and its development, Carolyn described some of the support services provided by the company to more than 100 recipients to date, and Phillip described the life changing impact of this device on him. Phillip recently immigrated from the UK when he was struck with Lebers’ disease which reduced his vision from 20/20 to 20/400. With the e-Sight system in place, he is now able to enjoy 20/20 vision once more.

New Frontiers


On May 13, Dr. Kashif Baig of the Ottawa Eye Institute of the University of Ottawa wowed Lions and guests with his description of the latest wonders in surgery and research at the Institute.

The Institute is one of a number of organizations that we are considering in our Major Projects planning.




Residents will have an opportunity on Tuesday, May 13, to meet one of Ottawa’s foremost experts on current vision issues and the work of the University of Ottawa Eye Institute in vision research and treatment.
Dr. Kashif Baig, will attend the Kanata-Hazeldean Lions Club’s meeting on the 13th at 7 PM.
Dr. Baig is a Cornea, Anterior Segment, and Refractive Surgeon at the Eye Institute. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, Cornea Consultant at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Principal Investigator at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and Director of Clinical and Research Fellowships in Cornea, Anterior Segment, and Refractive Surgery.
. Given the importance and interest of this topic, and given their longstanding commitment to vision care, the Lions are inviting residents as well as members to the session.
Dr. Baig will speak about current visual issues and will describe some of the exciting prospects in research at the Institute and elsewhere in the world. He will also describe the treatments available, including modern surgical techniques, to respond to vision disorders, injuries and diseases.
Dr. Baig will answer questions and generally participate in a conversation with those who attend the meeting.

The meeting will take place at the Lion Dick Brule Community Centre in the Lions Den, 170 Castlefrank Road, Kanata. The doors will open at 6:30. For further information call 613-591-3609 or email

Notes from the 40th District A-4 Lions Convention

A very entertaining and informative District A-4 convention was held on April 11 through 13 at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata.  Lions Peggy Feltmate, Liz Christie, Pearl Brule, Avis Templeton, Todd Sloan and Tom Feltmate represented the Kanata-Hazeldean Lions Club at the Convention.

The theme of the 40th District A-4 Convention was "Knights of the Blind" .  Lion Liz Christie was one of 10 Lions selected for best costume demonstrating the value of imagination and lots of duct tape!!
The theme of the 40th District A-4 Convention was “Knights of the Blind” . Lion Liz Christie was one of 10 Lions selected for best costume demonstrating the value of imagination and lots of duct tape!!

The Opening Ceremonies featured a speech by Lion Penny LeClair, a blind Lion from the Gloucester Lions Club, who re-enacted the speech given by Helen Keller at the 1925 International Convention of Lions Clubs.  Lion Penny clearly demonstrated why we as Lions so clearly focus on eradicating preventable blindness and providing services to the visually impaired.  Following the opening ceremonies, there were a number of excellent information sessions on Orientation, Conflict Resolution, Tail Twisting, Becoming a Zone Chair, and Lions On-Line (presented by Lion Liz Christie).

The Saturday Luncheon featured inspiring presentations by Leos from our District highlighting their accomplishments as Leos, describing the benefits they realized from their membership in their Leo Club,  and encouraging Clubs in the District to consider promoting the Leo program in their area.  Region meetings followed the Luncheon during which we were able exchange information regarding activities undertaken by the various Clubs in our Region.

The Sunday agenda featured the Memorial Service for deceased Lions, Lioness and Lionettes.  This was followed by the District A-4 Cabinet Meeting at which time the results of Convention voting was announced.  There will be a $2 per Lion increase in District A-4 dues to assist our District to maintain a balanced budget.  It should be noted that this increase in dues was accompanied by a reduction in budgeted expenditures of approximately 25% – from $24K down to $18K.

Members of the 2014-2015 District A-4 Cabinet following their introduction at the 40th Convention of District A-4 held April 11 - 13.
Members of the 2014-2015 District A-4 Cabinet following their introduction at the 40th Convention of District A-4 held April 11 – 13.

The New Cabinet for next year was announced with Lion Rick McCauley elected as District Governor, Lions Kris Schulz as 1st Vice District Governor and Lion Sue Wilkes as 2nd Vice District Governor. Lion Tom Feltmate will be Cabinet Secretary and Lion James Doyle will be Cabinet Treasurer.  For our Club, Lion Beth Lewis will be our Zone Chair and Lion Paul Riddell, also from Stittsville, will be our Region Chair.